Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea
Whats The Difference Between Chinese And Japanese Green Tea?

and which on is better for you?

Chinese green tea ,as u can see in the local mall ,is made from tea leaves .Actually ,they r dried and a little baked (yeah ,people have professional ovens to bake the tea) tea leaves .So ,when u put chinese tea in a glass of hot water for some mins ,u will see those dried small green leaves r recovered and they looks really pretty in the glass.Also the tea taste not so strong.Drinking chinese green tea is fun and easy .A great time to have a relax on the mind .
Japanese green tea is some kind green powder .I mean, those tea leaves r totally crumbled .So ,when u put it in the water ,it looks just like deep-boiled spinach soup ,also has a strange and strong herbal smell.And the powder and water is mixed ,so u have to drink them all as tea .
Japanes green tea is something more than just tea .When Japanes have tea ,they dress well and spend about half an hour to prepare the tea .They treat drinking tea just like some spirtual behavior ,so the taste of tea itself is not important at all .Hehe
So ,they r totally different .
Well, if u r just want to have a try .I suggest u to try some chinese green tea .U can drink them with some dried herbal flowers like rose .If u like ,u can also drink chinese green tea with some honey.It taste great .
Well, Japanese green tea does not allowed extra stuff to put into it .The purpose of Japanese green tea is some kind totally pure ,bitterish ,and sour taste .

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