Black Tea

Black Tea
Are there any health benefits to drinking black tea the way I do?

I only take my black tea a certain way. It has to be a heavy, caffeinated black tea with about an 8th of milk and maybe three teaspoons of honey. It it isn’t an English Breakfast blend, i.e. Earl Gray or Lady Gray blends, I put a bit more honey and a good squeeze of lemon. Are there any health benefits to any of that?

black tea has some antioxidants, but not as much as green tea. so yes, there is a health benefit.

BUT, sugar, including most types of honey, are not particularly good for you. so, not as much. it is impossible to judge the net effect of your habit on your health.

in short, if you’re only looking for health benefits, lose the honey.

EDIT: WHOA WHOA, not to encourage this anorexia stuff! studies show that drinking tea actually makes you lose weight. don’t let anyone convince you’re going to get fat from doing this.

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