Benefits of Green Tea

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10 thoughts on “Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Good to have green tea with a food so you cant taste the green tea, thats how I easily drink 4-6 tea bags of green tea a day.

  2. true very true that the tea leaves are way much better than bags, but I like bags too and they still work the body.

    I have to use about 5 to 6 bags a day for better results of antioxidants equivalent to the tea leaves.

  3. Smomni I am George DeJohn the creator/owner of all 21 day cleanse ,makeover, detox, videos with Jill Lane Dr. Webster and Tina Hodges on your youtube channel. TAKE THEM DOWN YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THEM

  4. from herbs i prefer marihuana more but best chil out results is smoke some weed then drink hot cup of green tea – so relaxing 😀

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