Benefits of Different Teas

Laura asks…

Which has more health benefits- green, white or pu-erh tea?

I have heard many people talking about how healthy each of these teas are and i would like to know which is the healthiest so i can start drinking it. A list of each teas health benefits would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

Camillia answers:

The benefits of white, black and green teas vary in both strength and anti toxins. I would use a gallon container, and put four bags of each in this container, and fill with hot water and let sit in the sun two days. Then drink it iced with Lemon and mint. However, it is said that white tea is the most beneficial but is week in strength so you must use more tea bags when making it. Many people think a cup or two a day is enough too reap the full benefits. It is not. You would drink 5 cups per day for full benefits and that is easy too do with iced tea. Most store products have syrup sweetener which is not a good thing. Go with natural organic sugar and for hot tea use honey and lemon. Also, it takes time too sustain benefits. After a month you should be in full swing with the protection tea offers. Again, a mix is the best solution. Have a healthy day.

Lizzie asks…

What are the differences between green and black tea, and which has better health benefits?

I like Earl Grey tea a lot, but green tea is also on my favorites list. Hmmm.

Also, I’ve been drinking two cups of tea a day, and my eye has been twitching a little. Could these be related? My head also hurts…

Camillia answers:

The difference between white, green and black tea is all in the processing. All (real) tea comes from the same species of plant, Camella Sinensis. The tea is picked, then put through a drying process, and is then heated. The drying oxidizes the leafs, while the heating “kill green” process halts it. White teas are dried and heated at the same time so almost no oxidation takes place. Green (and yellow) teas are allowed only minimal oxidation, while black teas are allowed a great deal of oxidation.

You hear more about the health benefits of green tea, but that’s because it is a more widely studied subject than black or white teas. Contrary to popular belief, there is no systemic difference in the caffeine level of any true tea.

Now, there are other “teas” that are not really teas. Red tea is from an African plant known as “rooibos.” Mate is a herbal infusion that has a stimulant similar to caffeine call matein, which is said to be a less jittery, more invigorating perk (personally, I think that’s horse****). Herbal teas are infusion that are brewed like tea, but have no actual camella sinensis plant.

Sandra asks…

Is there a list of teas and their provided health benefit anywhere on the internet?

I’m looking for a list of teas and their health benefits. For example, peppermint tea for digestion, green tea for its various antioxidant properties, chamomile for relaxing and sleeping, etc.
Right. I tried looking on Google but couldn’t find it. That’s why I’m asking here.

Camillia answers:

You could try here:

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