Advantages of Green Tea Questions

Wondering about the advantages of green tea?

What are the health benefits?  How about vitamins? What makes green tea so great?

Here are some questions and answers on that subject.

Steven asks…

What are the advantages to green tea?

I’ve heard green tea can be very healthy, but in what ways? And if it really is healthy what are the best types of green tea or the types to avoid?

Camillia answers:

Simply drinking green tea can’t save us from the damages caused by overeating, a poorly-balanced diet, or a sedentary lifestyle. Today’s research identifies a plant-based diet, a healthy weight, physical activity, and avoiding tobacco as the most effective steps to lower cancer risk. For those who would like to do more to reduce their risk, replacing three or four cups of coffee or soda per day with green tea is still a reasonable step that may bring a variety of health benefits.

Green tea contains relatively high amounts of a type of phytochemical called EGCG, proven in laboratory studies to be a powerful antioxidant. A variety of antioxidants from plant foods seem to stabilize “free radicals,” protecting DNA from damage that could allow cancer to develop, and protecting blood vessels from damage that could promote blockages. Studies show EGCG can also increase production of enzymes that protect us from cancer-causing substances, decrease levels of a substance key to promoting cancer development, and increase cancer cell self-destruction.

Benefits start with one cup a day, but some claim 3-4 cups are needed to see actual results. I purchase both green and white tea from Amazon (search for Rishi tea). A good tasting green tea for those who do not like the ‘grassy’ taste is Jasmine Pearl. They infuse jasmine leaves (reported to speed metabolism and aid in weight loss) with the green tea leaves in small pearl-shaped balls. You then steep this in 175-185 degF water for 3-4 minutes. This is calorie-free, but I do add some local honey for sweetener.

I also enjoy White Tea, which is really green tea, but using the tips of the fresh leaves picked in early spring. They are silvery in color and are the least processed of all tea types, yielding different types of anti-oxidants. A smooth flavor and alternate to the green tea.


Mark asks…

what are the advantages of green tea?

how do it benifits skin?

Camillia answers:

There are vitamins in green tea that keep your skin soft and supple. Green Tea also boosts your metabolism, making you burn calories at a faster rate. The numerous health benefits of green tea are well documented. You need only do a simple search to find many more than what I have listed.

Charles asks…

what are the advantages of taking green tea?

okay what are the advantages of taking green tea or green tea capsules is it good for weight loss?

Camillia answers:

Green tea is good for you because of antioxidants found in the leaves. IT is said to be good for weight loss because of the TGCG which raises the metabolism. The problem is people blow this out of proportion thinking that it will help you drastically lose weight. If you drank 2 cups of tea everyday without changing anything else you would probably lose an extra 3-5 pounds a year

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