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Wondering about green tea health benefits?

There are many health advantages with green tea. Do you know what they are?

Here are some questions and answers about green thea health benefits.

Carol asks…

Green tea health benefits, brands, and portions?

So, I’m kind of trying to get myself a tad healthier, and I’ve heard that, in moderation, green tea does have pretty good health benefits (the small, eventual boost to metabolism is one I’m hoping is true, as well as helping the skin a bit).

So, what exactly would you say are any particular benefits you may have observed from green tea consumption?

Also, should I stick to 1 mug a day, or 2? Or would 3 (when I can spare it) be alright?

What brands would you recommend? I’ve been using Lipton Green Tea bags (the orange and jasmine variety), but I want to be sure I’ve got a good, inexpensive brand… unless there’s not a whole lot of difference.

And finally, any suggestions for flavoring the stuff? I hate the taste, but I’m willing to put up with it if it helps me out in the long-term. And preferably suggestions for additives that don’t nullify the benefits (I’ve heard, for example, that adding milk or honey would nullify the helpful stuff).

I just want to get this right. And, hopefully, enjoy it.

Camillia answers:

The tea idea is healthier than soda, and other chemical filled foods, I would stick to maybe a mug or 2 a day while having water as your main fluid. You can sweeten it with some honey or stevia.  You can also add some lemon if you wanted to. Just make sure you don’t put too much honey. In fact, don’t buy into the Lipton teas where they put things in it, take regular plain Lipton teas.  Or any brand that is just plain tea; no artificial anything.

On a hot day, you can chill plain tea and take it with you, it tastes refreshing =]

George asks…

Does anyone drink green tea? What green tea health benefits have you noticed?

I have just started drinking green tea– for health benefits, clearer skin and to help weight loss. I’d like to know how much green tea you drink everyday and what benefits have you noticed? How long did it take to notice the benefits?

Camillia answers:

I drunk 2 glasses a day (as well as cutting out junk food and eating more veg) and after a month and a half I noticed a fair amount of weight loss (6lbs) and much better skin.

James asks…

Is green Tea good for your skin and insides?

Im trying to swap over to herbel tea for health benefits, just need to know is it good for your skin and insides?

Camillia answers:

I take Green Tea daily. I use it as a dietary supplement and it works.

You can learn more about what green does for you here.

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