About Green Tea And Caffeine

Daniel asks…

Is there such thing as too much green tea and is lipton green tea caffeine free?

I almost only drink lipton diet green tea through the day. First is too much green tea a bad thing? Secondly is lipton diet green tea caffeine free? or decaffeinated?

Camillia answers:

Yeah, too much of anything is bad. Specifically, Lipton Diet Green Tea contains caffeine, which can be bad for you if you drink enough, as well as aspartame and dyes, which can potentially be horrible.

Too much caffeine can of course cause dependence as well as dehydration.

Joseph asks…

Should I drink caffeine green tea or decaffeinated green tea?

I am on diet. I am drinking green tea. I know green tea can reduce weight and calorie intake. I have a cup of green tea after dinner. Should I drink caffeine green tea or decaffeinated green tea?

Camillia answers:

Caffeine does help increase energy for some people.  If you are more energetic, you move more and burn more calories.  However, it’s probably not that big a difference.  If the caffeine bothers you, drink decaffeintaed.

However, one single cup of green tea probably isn’t going to make that big a difference one way or another.

Mary asks…

How much caffeine is in green tea?

I want something with some caffeine in it to wake me up in the morning, but I wanted something healthier than soda or coffee, so I was wondering how much caffeine green tea has compared to soda and coffee.

Camillia answers:

Actually coffee is good for you (although too much of anything is bad); it’s been proven to reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Type II diabetes, as well as some cancer. Unfiltered coffee (espresso, vacuum brewed, french press) can increase levels of bad cholesterol slightly and promote hardening of the arteries in heavy smokers. Soda, though, is very bad.

As to your question: Green tea is very low in caffeine (25mg/8oz), regular Black tea has about twice as much and White tea has about half as much. Compare that to coffee which has around 130-180mg/8oz and you see how much tea you’ll have to drink to get the same boost.

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